Triple Tease Turkey Call





Check out the Triple Tease! The call designed with you in mind! With 3 unique striking surfaces you can achieve nearly any sound that this clever bird can produce! From purring to putting, from a cackling to a long distance locating, the Triple Tease has you covered! The Triple Tease comes with two Strikers. (1. Cherry)- and (1. Walnut)- each with different grains, and the ability to produce different tones. The Triple Tease also comes with the Team Function instructions, where you and a hunting partner can double up and strike simultaneously, thus producing the sound of two different hens, trust me, this will drive that Hen'd up Tom CRAZY, he won't be able to resist not 1 but 2 lovely ladies! When you combine this product with our Three Striker Pack, it gives you the ability to produce the sound of 15 different hens!

Good Hunting and God Bless!