Three Striker Pack





The "Three Striker" pack offered by Fan Collectors consists of(1. Purple Heart Striker)- The hardness of the Purple Heart creates a louder more harsh, raspy hen sound.(1. Acrylic Striker)- The Acrylic Striker creates a deep smooth, mellow tone associated with an older more mature hen and (1. Hickory Striker)- The tight grain and hardness of the Hickory Striker creates a high pitched sharp sound associated with younger hens. The Striker Pack when added to the Walnut and Cherry Strikers that come with the Triple Tease make this an unbeatable combination. Each striker creates different hens, thus allowing one call the potential of up to fifteen different hens. Not only do these Strikers add multiple hens to the Triple Tease, they will also work just as well with your favorite Friction Call you have used for years. You can never have too many Striker Combinations in your arsenal when dealing with those Cagey Old Long Beards!

Good hunting and God Bless!