Sagdaddy (Buck Grunt / Estrus Doe) 2 calls in one





 SAGDADDY Deer Grunt and Estrus doe bleat

(This Grunt is the meatiest sounding grunt you will ever use!)

The FCC  SAGDADDY  is hand made by the Fan Collector family. The SAGDADDY is produced by Fan Collector.  We take pride in all our calls and the SAGDADDY is no exception! This is a deep grunt, like an old mature dominate buck! The tube can be adjusted to produce younger bucks. But with just a slight adjustment to the O ring inside the Maple barrel, it will produce one of the best Estrus Doe bleats you have ever heard! This is a grunt that every serious Trophy Whitetail hunter should have in his arsenal! Our main pride in this grunt is the meaty sound it produces! It simply sounds like a live animal!